Mess with Slack

Hi friends,

I have been using Mandriva 2009.1 for around 6 months but one day got it crashed (bug details here)

So switched to SLackware 12.2(having Kde 3.5 but quite stable atleast much more than Mandriva 2009.1)

In the meantime Chetan sir mentioned Mandriva 09’s toughsides & mentioned OpenSuse 11.1 that made me influenced by Open Suse & for which have been googling a lot.The features that influenced me a lot is its stability & ofcourse kde4.2.2.

Waiting 2 get a Open Suse11
till then messsing up with Slackware .

Well to be true I am proud to be a Slacker
Its great cant resist itProud 2 be a Slacker


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