Random! thoughts!!

happyily writing a post after a long time .
These days came across a lot of shareable things .Messed a lot with a lot of things ,lots of exceptions & lots of learning.
One of the best thing among them is StackOverflow
It has got almost every question & every answer .I dont know why I believe in it & ofcourse it has got one of the best GUI designers & the best part is It’s Different. that’s enough for me.

Another mentionable is #DailyTeen https://twitter.com/dailyteen :).May be you’re gonna click that link to get whats so interesting about it.So no details about it.

using your linux as alarm(or as a toDO list)http://embraceubuntu.com/2006/01/22/how-to-use-your-linux-machine-as-an-alarm/

Odds at least 1 person is born in January? :))

& google’s 12th bday

So this DailyReport(kind of) ends here…


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