Random! thoughts!!

happyily writing a post after a long time . These days came across a lot of shareable things .Messed a lot with a lot of things ,lots of exceptions & lots of learning. One of the best thing among them is StackOverflow It has got almost every question & every answer .I dont know why […]

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Back with Slackk.. 13! Slacked!!! Again

I recently installed the Slackware 13 (as my Slackware 12.2 failed to resist my experiments :)).Though the installation went easy but the successful run of the Slackware 13 was not easy.When the installation was complete first problem I encountered was startx showed me my XFCE screen & then hangs.The reason was that intel 82865 chipset […]

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I am a random code monkey who happens to spend most of the day working with the Android platform. Follow my adventures, read my random thoughts and occasionally I may post something useful.

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I have worked on the following Android projects
– AppLuvr
– ScrapKid
– FriendFinder
more to come…. watch this space